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ARMYs Panicked When Found Out That Jungkook Deleted All Of His Instagram Feed


A few minutes ago, many ARMYs were surprised that the entire feed on Jungkook’s personal Instagram account disappeared. Many ARMYs couldn’t believe their eyes and wondered what was going on!

In addition to Twitter, Instagram is currently the social network that many ARMYs are most interested in. Because the members of BTS will constantly update the images and videos on it.

But recently, ARMY was shocked to see that all of Jungkook’s photos, videos and even highlights were deleted from his account. Many people thought that Instagram was faulty, but after refreshing many times, still could not find any posts.

ARMYs are currently in a state of extreme panic not knowing what happened to Jungkook and his personal account. Most people are crying and feeling regretful that his cute posts are gone.

Others theorized that this had something to do with his upcoming new plans. For example, Jungkook is about to release his mixtape and he wants to make some surprises with his personal Instagram.

One ARMY shared: “something is dropping FOR SURE, and if he pulls what yoongi did for d2 every post will be part of the countdown to jjk1 AND IM READY”. Meanwhile, another shared the same opinion that “Majority of artists archieve all his instagram post before new songs come out. So…”

This may also be true because Jungkook also shared that he is trying to perfect his mixtape and will release a product soon. Recently Jungkook has also had some special individual schedules compared to the other members.

In addition, it could also be due to some incident that Jungkook accidentally deleted all the posts on his personal Instagram. However, it looks like the old photos won’t be coming back any time soon! Really regretful!