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BTS’ Jin Talks About His Viral Song Super Tuna, Says He Wanted ‘ARMY to Be the Only Ones to Know About It’


BTS members breaking records with their songs is not a new phenomenon. However, when Jin’s single Super Tuna went viral and was turned into an internet trend, he was a bit embarrassed.

In an interview published on Weverse magazine, the Bangtan member talked about the creation of the now-viral song, which is on fishing.

Talking about what led to the song, Jin said that he wanted to make a fishing song. He thought, if he was going to write a song that captures the joy of fishing, then he had to do it while fishing.

The Yours singer, along with his producer-turned-fishing-buddy BUMZU, visited a fishing spot with a rough sketch for the song in hand and they fleshed out the specifics for Super Tuna while fishing for real.

It led them to the final melody in just five minutes, the magazine reported.

The quirky beats and unusual approach to the song is a perfect reflection of Jin’s personality and Super Tuna was his own way of finding happiness from making a song while out fishing for tuna.

And he wanted to share this sentiment with the people who matter most to him.

“I wanted ARMY to listen to the song and have fun laughing as they watched me, and in the end I’m just happy they like it,” he said. “I had fun just watching them enjoy the song and knowing they like it. That was enough for me.”

However, Jin also revealed that he wanted only ARMY, BTS’ fan base to know about the song.

The song was the top trending song on YouTube globally for 16 consecutive weeks and charted on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart for 11 straight weeks despite not receiving a fully “official” release, the magazine wrote.

Moreover, parodies and dance challenges of the choreography went viral on social media and video sharing platforms worldwide. Taking of the phenomenon response, Jin said, “I couldn’t believe it at all.

“I just expected the fans who like fun stuff to just sort of enjoy it and say, Okay, nice song.

But I was seriously taken aback and surprised when I saw how the song was doing way better than I ever could’ve expected.” Jin had even made an appeal to ARMYs on Weverse to stop with the challenges.

“Honestly, I felt a little awkward. It’s really rough compared to the kind of high-quality music I’m used to putting out with BTS, so I wanted ARMY to be the only ones who knew about it.

It seemed to me that ARMY thought, I can’t keep this weird thing to myself, and they were having fun spreading it around. So I gave up. (laughs) I saw ARMY say, ‘We have permission to dance.’ So I said, ‘Yeah, you’re right—you do,’ and came to accept it.”